Welcome to the official artist site of 1lisias. 1lisias pursues his dream of becoming an independent music professional and entertainer. He does so by combining his passion for music with his own talent. Here you can keep up to date with his latest developments and find examples of his musical work.



Ilisias Ludwig Rafaël Leupen, better known as 1lisias, is a Dutch rapper, singer, producer and songwriter.
He grew up in The Netherlands and knew from a young age that he wanted to make music.
Artists like Michael Jackson, Robin Thicke, Chris Brown and Charlie Puth inspired him a lot.
After a few small gigs he started to make his own music.
After 1lisias made his first track called Amazin', he couldn't stop and made song after song.
Soon as he found out that he could dive deep into music, he wanted to be able to do anything himself, and started learning making beats, writing lyrics and mix and master his own tracks.
He also started collaborating with other musicians like Lil Irv, Bobby G and Ben Heights.
Furthermore he makes hip hop songs with influences from Reggeaton, Pop, Trap, Oldschool Hip Hop, Soul and RnB.
You can find his most recent single "Worry Less" at "His Music" down below.


"I Don't Think Bro, Just Makin' Music"

- 1lisias



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